Mechanical Product Partner


Pieralisi’s constant commitment to research and development of advanced technologies has meant that the Group is now the indisputable leader in providing avant-garde separation solutions through centrifugal force.

Great attention to the needs of a wide-ranging international customer base has led the Pieralisi Group to dedicate human resources and specific technology to the needs of each and every customer. To this aim, the Group has adopted a business organization based on two large divisions: the Olive Oil Division and the Separation Solutions Division.

Pieralisi decanter centrifuges are based on a modern technology that combines the ability of treating high solids content products with an excellent clarification efficiency. Separation performances are related not only to mechanical details but also to operating parameters (centrifugal force, flow rate, differential speed, liquid levels) and to the specific characteristics of the product (density, viscosity, quantity and dimension of solid particles).
A main motor connected to the decanter shaft drives the bowl rotation. The extremely high centrifugal force generated inside the bowl is proportional to the rotational speed and to the bowl diameter. The product to be clarified enters through the feeding pipe, it passes in the diffuser to be distributed at the centre of the bowl and then it is accelerated. The centrifugal force acting on the solid particles is responsible for the solid-liquid separation.

Every decanter centrifuge can be tailored to any specific application, selecting between the different available configurations, components and devices.


Pieralisi vertical centrifuges represent the perfect technological solution to complete the separation process done with horizontal decanters. Centrifugal separators, taking advantage of their extremely high rotational speed, can reach centrifugal force values up to 10,000 g. This very high centrifugal force is the key element that allows the separators to remove the solid particles that have not been grabbed in the previous separation steps. In addition the attainable performances are linked to many factors, both structural (disc type and design, inside volumes, liquid discharge levels and devices) and operational (flow rate, characteristic of the product, solid quantity and type, temperature).

The product to be clarified enters into the top of the separator through the feeding tube, it is undergone to centrifugal force and then it is forced to pass through the hundreds of internal discs. The combined action of the centrifugal force together with the presence of the internal discs leads to the separation of the solid particles that are deposited on the bowl wall, to be discharged in an automatic and intermittent way. The liquids centrally climb back towards the top of the bowl and they continuously exit through free outlets or centripetal pumps.

Pieralisi crushers are available with a single grid (2800 rpm) or double grid (1400 rpm) to suit the different olive cultivars or the different requirements of the producer and, in doing so, manipulate the bitter and spicy tones of the olive produced.

Pieralisi crushers are also equipped with a unique counter-rotating grid. The outwardly flaring holes of this grid facilitate expulsion, reducing the number of peroxides in the oil caused by the pulp rubbing against the metal, and also decrease wear of the parts. All parts coming into contact with the olive and paste are made of stainless steel and are feed into the machine via a screw elevator which, thanks to the troncoconical shape, allows the olives to move smoothly without piling up.